Wanna do some guest blogging? Write for us!


For those of you that feel like writing and publishing your thoughts, stories, whatsoever in the topic of SEO and web development, we offer the chance to become guest authors and post your story (guest blogging). Possible topics are:

  • SEO
  • web development
  • WordPress development
  • Python/Django development
  • quantitative topics

If you want your post to be published, these are the steps to take.

  1. Write your post of 400 words at minimum. Make sure it is among our preferred topics for guest blogging, as provided above.
  2. Send us your guest blogging post to design@sternco.de. We will do our best to read your post and get back to you within 10 business days. If you still didn’t get an answer after 10 days, you might send us a second email asking for the status of your post.
  3. If your post fits our criteria and guidelines, you’ll get a positive answer from us and we will upload your post. If your post will not be published, you will get a negative response from us.


We take guest blogging seriously and evaluate each post carefully before publishing. If you want to write for us, make sure you do not place any outbound links in the post without consulting us first. Regarding backlinks, pleae note the following:

  • you should place no backlinks in the text that links to clients our any external partners
  • you may place a maximum of two outbound links of it fits the context of your post
  • you need to place your 100-word bio at the end of your post. This is where you might place a link to your blog or website
  • we expect you to place a link to your own website, pointing to the guest post on our website