Quite often, one can lose motivation in the middle of (re)designing a website. The ideas you thought will rock might not function in reality, or some seemingly unimportant points of view might spoil the feel of an otherwise great concept… or really just anything could happen that makes you feel unmotivated. What’s important to know, however, is that even in situations like that, there is a way out. To give you a few tips, we summarised our thoughts on how you can get moving again!


The hardest is to start

Yes, you might start with great steam in the process of what is supposed to become the exhibition of your talents. After all, what you just thought out is so evidently superior to whatever the world has seen recently. But after the first round of ideas evaporate without tangible results – in reality, it always looks different – you might just start to realise it will take a bit longer than to click through a few pre-designed tools. It only happens after the initial wave of enthusiasm fades that you start dealing with the job of a real web developer.


1 Be an outsider

What does help, however, is to know that to simplify is to win half the game already. It is exactly now that you have to take a step back and relax. Let’s just completely forget about what’s being done and what there is to be accomplished! As a complete outsider, it is as easy as pie to judge what works and what doesn’t. So let’s do just that: be an objective outsider.


2 Remember the moments when you have the best ideas

The moment you realise when you have the best ideas, you won half the motivation match. We’ll help you out here: it is always when you don’t expect to have them. When you forget about design completely, when you see it as a hobby, out of pure joy, well that is when you always have your world-saving ideas.


3 Compare yourself with competition

Sooner or later in the process, you’ll have to benchmark the competition anyway. Even if not, you’ll stumble upon some eye-catching website while surfing, just killing time. That’s the chance to take notes and note whatever that amazes you. It might just be a small idea, a creative way to do things, or just a way to combine old concepts. What matters is you can learn while having fun.


4 Watch the laymen

Before you take yourself too seriously, remember you’re designing a website for laymen. They’re not professionals. Not at all. The point is to impress them, in an everyday setting. So the next time you’re on the bus, or out somewhere, watch people surfing on their smartphones. Without delay, you’ll notice how they feel about what they see. Note where they are staying, note what they skip. You can gain astonishing insights by observing people.


5 Divide your plans by two

To simplify is to win. For like a decade now, people have been writing about minimalistic design – not only in web development, but also in fashion, cars, furniture. So let’s approach the issue from here: how to achieve a moving design by the least effort possible. Start as easy as a blank sheet of paper. You’ll be amazed how quickly you cn impress yourself.


+1 Go back to the basics

When you feel you can’t get on track, go back to the basics and amaze yourself of the great things that web development techniques provide you with. Go to the w3schools homepage and read through some tutorials on coding websites. You’ll see common elements broken down to their building blocks, and you’ll be astonished by how engaging they look even when using the simplest concepts available. So let’s learn again and recharge the batteries as you live through the joy of educating yourself!



It is OK to stop for a moment. When you feel like you’re stumbling, remember you are the most efficient when you work only as long as you feel like it. Then pause for an hour and relax. Do something else. In between, do one of the above points and you’ll be quick enough to reap the rewards you expected from work.