Selling a product or service is much like persuasion. To succeed in that, one has to realise whoever is looking for that service, is looking for an answer to something. What would be a better tool for persuasion than to answer that question in the most professional way possible?

Well, that is the topic of the following blog post.


Answers… as marketing instruments?

To see why answering a question qualifies as a marketing instruments in itself, it is important to know what it really is that one is looking for. Most of the time, we’re talking about a specific matter, a matter that is something of a puzzle. So the logical thing to do is to look for someone who knows the specific of that special area – an expert of that particular thing.


So what one is really out for is someone who is a proven expert in a particular area, someone with proven abilities to solve a problem. Be it repairing a car. Handling the books of your business. And so on. The point here is proven: the searcher wants to be convinced their case is in the best possible hands. And that is exactly what shall be achieved.


The proof

What could it be that really convinces the reader of one’s knowledge of a particular topic? It is at this point that we refer to the psychological side of the question. Someone who’s looking for expert knowledge will want to see someone with conviction and a clear message about being exactly the one who they are looking for.

That is where blogging and SEO come together with all that’s been stated before. To blog is the perfect platform to provide answers to whatever people could be interested in. On the other hand, any of us may imagine themselves in the situation when they were lost in a topic and would have paid gladly for advice. To read a profound opinion about that topic is exactly the sign that you’re really looking for. It is an outright sign you possess all the experience and knowledge that will make for the best possible solution for the searcher.


To blog is to use answers as the first impression

No matter how often you read this, you cannot emphasize enough that the first impression cannot be made twice. Now, you have to answer for yourself what you’d like that to be. A paid ad is probably the second most handy option – but will it really do the job? As a small entrepreneur, you really want your message to be as direct as possible. No time wasted on risky strategies.

Again, we’d like to use a shortcut: why not use your opinion as a marketing tool? You might as well use a slogan, of course, but is it not more authentic to express your views? If you ever read an interesting article or an engaging piece of literature, you’ll know that authentic opinions gather followers. We argue you should use this for your own good, and that is where we can help with blogging and SEO services.


How to do it as an everyday task

To realise all that’s been written above, you’ll have to maintain a professional blog. To see the formula clearly, you write meaningful content, and that will be found through Google or some other search engine.  You can possible employ your social media presence to let people know you’re providing opninions on some subject.



The professionally founded clarification of the topics that may interest your target group can become your efficient marketing instrument. A blog for SEO purposes and its active marketing on social media are the way to use your own opinion as a marketing instrument.